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  Puck Meerburg 4458dc8d96 outbox: Add support for undoing follows/accepts, inbox: add support for accepting/rejecting follows, proper like support, and proper reply support 6 days ago
  Puck Meerburg 77ebccfb94 Implement EntityStore and QueueStore for their respective references 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 5160b82385 untangle: don't use translation table when looking for a root. 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 43b96917ca Add method that verifies if an object in the store may be replaced. 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 0d57bd743b Fix activitypub test 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 3b0594243a Add name/description to Context struct 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg c86b92be57 Update to async/await 2 weeks ago
  Puck Meerburg d6441956d8 Change assign_ids to use properID changes, etc 9 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 9cdf46b7ba Rewrite ID assignment to ignore blank nodes, they don't exist anymore anyways 9 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 7e54d18890 Try to implement a boneless topological sort 9 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 9456889a6a run format, use new entitystore stuffs 9 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 5f4b73a2b4 Ensure create actor handler only runs on Creates or non-activity Persons 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 88e2e4eb81 Improve inbox handling if actor and authorized account aren't equal 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 4c4d897579 Add local-only authorizer 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 711cedc635 Fix dumb logic error 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 94a191a898 Add tests to declare semantics 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 19381f8ee6 Can't filter remote deletes, object might already be deleted 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg d61494757a Relax the actor validation a very little bit 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 91bfdfef6e Fix logic error (non-Create/Update/Delete activities were rejected) 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 60fa09b25f Cleanup handlers 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 1475b4c6a0 Translate AutomaticCreateHandler to non-await syntax 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg edfdd652f5 Rewrite CreateActorHandler 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 2f2ae05387 Translate the client Like handler, and server Create/incoming handler, fix up tests to be nicer 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 0b3bf21793 Add ServerLikeHandler, add test cases! 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg caa5d37147 Add one-line description into mod.rs for handlers 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 70c1fa7787 Assemble properly against the depth limit 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 2c7f0ac933 Ensure node map generation doesn't break blank nodes 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 2d86093d9a Fix move 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 091d25f0ba Handle quad objects better 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 9d2277fac3 Change untangling to create non-quad blank nodes 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 3d3dfd5a5a Add support for inverse collection queries 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg e452e7dfa4 Better handle optimized-away objects 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg eafa242caf Clean up warnings 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg e0111832a3 Cleanups 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg be503669b3 Change EntityStore to not use references, remove ServerFollow 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg ea818257ab Adjust ID generation to be more readable 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 099052b656 Ensure that IDs will not overlap 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 78fdaf85bb Add fraemwork to query database 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 876eda08cc Add following/followers to new actors 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg d5f1c1a840 Handlers now return a generic Box<Error> 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 852100020e ServerCreateHandler: only check for local inReplyTo objects 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg edb0d7a8d5 Merge master back into working tree 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 13b7b067b8 Cleanup code formats, don't try to retrieve remote objects for follow, increase assemble depth 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 0efc2501f0 Run cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg a08a036f57 Allow CreateActorHandler to be used in kroeg-call 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 060d678190 Experience-based fixes 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 9d5f6e6b51 Add local-only indicator to EntityStore get 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 8bb0a4b834 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.puckipedia.com/kroeg/tap 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg eb3c25f4ab ... turns out i need to reverse await and * 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 4d58fadb6c activitypub: allow compiling on modern nightlies 1 year ago