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kroeg noun

  • pub
  • bar

a generic ActivityPub server, with a focus (for now) on microblogging style activities.


For now, I would of course only suggest you run this for development, and not trust arbitrary users with an account. There is also no login system.

anyways, if you still want to try it:

  • Install the latest Rust nightly, or close to it
  • Create a folder
  • clone https://github.com/kroeg/jsonld-rs, https://git.puckipedia.com/kroeg/tap, https://git.puckipedia.com/kroeg/cellar, and https://git.puckipedia.com/kroeg/server into this folder
  • Go to cellar, run diesel migration run --database-url postgres://whatever
  • Copy server.toml.example to server.toml, set it up as required.
  • Create root users with cargo run --bin kroeg-call create https://example.com/~exampleUser exampleUser "Example User"
  • Gain an authorization key by running cargo run --bin kroeg-call auth https://example.com/~exampleUser
  • Use this in the Authorization header in any requests
  • Run cargo run --bin kroeg to actually run the server.