29 Commits (master)

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  Puck Meerburg dbd310f71e Ensure users are authorized to view statuses 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 54532c62a7 Fix reply ordering 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 1dde414e8b Use context name/description for instance info 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg 52097009c4 Update to async/await 1 week ago
  Puck Meerburg ff70ab65f2 Fake relationships endpoint 10 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 87775bd0fe Remove get_subelem helper, cause quads are out, triples are in 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg fc8e6dba84 Clean up first issue 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 51bcb5000a Also translate attachments (badly) 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg a1ceb58a16 Invert order of ancestors 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg f638b78ce8 Get ancestors for the context 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 138807580f Ensure reblog IDs get resolved properly when getrting single statuses 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg dd47717ff9 Stub out card and context replies 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg b546ba1103 Determine visibility properly now 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg f602ecc33f Add support for emoji too 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg c86653c92c Implement base support for hashtag and mentions 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg ac93868995 Fix warninigs 11 months ago
  Puck Meerburg 5fbd43a073 Add Link header 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 5b805db866 mastohax: Translate statuses in collection to use activity ID instead 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg ece09cf130 Do proper pagination with max_id/since_id 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg e7ad49d617 Set parts of the handler public 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg a39b800b3b Fix compilation errors 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 71db003dfd Add resilience to objects not being found 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg dcdbb9d966 Make Tusky happy 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg c22a12817e Fix in_reply_to_account_id 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 350fc63d3b Nop out notifications API 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 3b15e1ae6f Add timeline support 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg a22ac76917 Add serialization of statuses/reblogs 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 186a158fbd Route instance API, serializing/getting accounts 1 year ago
  Puck Meerburg 1e5a1f1ef4 Add initial structure 1 year ago