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Kroeg Cellar

(I’d have called this kroeg-kelder but that’d probably go too far)

Simple JSON-LD storage mechanism, storing everything in a database of RDF quads.


This code is made mostly to work inside of Kroeg, but the external API is documented with rustdoc, which isn’t publicly generated yet. Clone therepo then run cargo doc to do it yourself.


The database currently stores its data in two tables:


This table maps an ID number to a URL, allowing for e.g. quick lookups and even quicker renaming of objects (just change its value in this table, and everything automatically updates!)


This table is slightly complicated, as it has to support everything that RDF can:

  • id: unique ID for the quad.
  • quad_id, subject_id, predicate_id: These point into the Attribute table, fort the corresponding RDF quad attributes.

  • attribute_id: used if object points to another ID.

  • object, type_id, language: The value, and type or language of the quad. The code only supports language or type_id being set, both of them being set is unsupported.